Our bodies: change and movement (p3)

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Jesús Manzaneque & María Montes

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Vídeo de YouTube


Vídeo de YouTube

How the body works

Make an articulated arm

• Two pieces of construction paper 30 X 50 cm
• Washer and hooks
• Scissors
• Glue
• A butterfly clip
• A piece of string
• An elastic band



Draw the outline of your hand on a piece of construction paper. Cut it out, and glue one end to construction paper A.

Join the two pieces of construction paper using the butterfly clip, and place the hooks along the edges as shown in the diagram.

Cut the string and an elastic band to a length of about 20cm, and pass them through the hooks as shown in the diagram. Tie the end of the string to the washer so that when you pull the washer, the arm bends.

Make a model of the human skeleton to practise the bones


The templates of the bones of the skeleton and cotton thread.

 Download the template here 


1. Cut out the templates of the bones.

2. As you add a bone to the model skeleton, say the name and write it on the back.

3. Make the skeleton, sewing together the bones with the cotton thread so that it looks like the one in the picture.


- What are the bones in the arms and legs like?

 What is the backbone like?

 How many joints are there in the skeleton?

- Where are most of them?

- Why?